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My name is Linda Moffa and I was born and raised in the United States. Of Italian origin, I grew up bilingual and, in 1996, graduated from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, where I pursued my passion for languages, in particular, French and Spanish. In 1999 I moved to London to begin an MA in Applied Language Studies in Education at King’s College. In 2000 I completed my post-graduate studies with a thesis on infant bilingualism.

Growing up I had the opportunity to travel extensively and appreciate different cultures. Nonetheless, my frequent moving around also created some difficulties that, I managed to overcome by building support systems around me. A series of circumstances brought me to Bologna, where I have been living since 2001.

My linguistic background, as well as my various experiences abroad, motivated me to pursue a second MA in Gestalt Counseling at ASPIC (Associazione dello Sviluppo Psicologico per l’Individuo e della Comunità) in Bologna. This three-year training with a humanistic phenomenological-existential approach, strengthened my deep interest for the numerous aspects of both verbal and nonverbal communication. Upon completing these studies, I obtained my International Diploma in Professional Counseling and, always at ASPIC, continued with a fourth year of theoretical-experiential studies. In 2009 I began practicing Counseling, principally in English, collaborating with American university exchange programs in Bologna. This type of support is fundamental for Anglosaxon students that may have trouble adapting during their study period abroad. Presently, I practice counseling both in English and Italian. I am a member of IAC (International Association for Counselling).

Sessions can be held in English or Italian

Linda C. Moffa  -  Counselor  -  Tel. +39 338 2735797  -  lmoffa@hotmail.com

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